Saturday, November 23, 2013

Golden Crown Theatre: Download

Community lot for the town of Elmdale
(Address in Elmdale: Highland Street 6)

Golden Crown Theatre is a private venue (Showtime lot), combined with the Theatre RH (the one from basegame). The RH is in the basement, and can be accessed from the yard. The Theatre also features a cafeteria where your sims can have a dessert or a drink, socialize,and play or listen to the piano.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Elmdale Railway Station: Download

Community lot for the town of Elmdale
(Address in Elmdale: Railway Street 6)

Since there is railway running through the town, it needs a railway station. Unfortunately, the trains are only deco, but still, I wanted my station to be realistic and lively, so, I assigned it as hangout lot. It was built specially for Elmdale, and I am not sure that it will look just as good in other towns, but who knows...The thing is that the rail tracs are placed in CAW, and the station overlays them, with platforms built for the tracs to fit in. Anyway, if you want to use it in another town, you can place the railways yourself.
The station is large, but some rooms are marked invisible.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Corner Cottage: Download

Residential lot for the town of Elmdale
(Address in Elmdale: Railway Street 3)
This is the 1st residential lot I built for this town. It is for a lonely sim, but can easily be converted into a family house, there is enough room for a family with 2-3 kids there.
The house features a small hall, a half-bathroom+laundry, a living-room and a kitchen=dining roomon the 1st floor, a master bedroom and bathroom, a quest bedroom and bathroom, and a hall on the 2nd floor, a backyard with picnick table, grill and bar, and a garage for two cars.
And it has very few user-made CC items, which might be a big advantage for some CC-avoiding simmers.

School & Childcare Centre: Download

Community lot for the town of Elmdale
(Address in Elmdale: Railway Street 5)

This lot features school RH from Twinbrook, but also has open classes and a lot of outdoor objects for fun, sport and other skills. The functional building is connected to the RH and designed to look like a part of it.
The 1st floor is occupied by a hall and a typical class.
The 2nd floor features an art class where anyone from kids to elders can come and develop their painting/drawing skills.
The 3rd floor functions like a childcare centre. You can find there skill-building objects for toddlers, a lot of toys for toddlers and kids, the kitchen where you can feed them, and the bedroom for the little ones to have a nap. Also, there's a bathroom with potties there.
The school yard is quite large, and has some chess tables, sports objects, a playground with a treehouse, and some benches.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hospital & Medical Labs: Download

Community lot for the town of Elmdale
(Address in Elmdale: Western Promenade 8)

This lot features the base game Hospital RH (the one from Sunset Valley) with decorative "wrapping" around its first floor, and functional rooms in the basement. The basement can be accessed from the stairs on the bask of the RH, and has labs with University Life objects,so you can send your sims here for some practice and skill building if you plan them to study Medicine and Science at the university.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bloodred Ruby Vampire Lounge: Download

Community lot for the town of  Elmdale
(Address in Elmdale: Riverside Promenade 3)

Though this is called vampire lounge, most its visitors don't even believe that vampires exist. The come here for fun, karaoke, exclusive drinks, specific atmosphere, new impressions and adventures. Surely, they get it all, but in addition, they have a chance to find out that all of those tales about mysterious and fascinating night creatures are, well, not just tales.

Elmdale Project

What is Elmdale Project?
Elmdale Project includes the world of Elmdale itself (check the post below to view and download), and lots for it, sometimes mixed up with sims made specially for this town.
Elmdale has lots of quite odd sizes, as well as specific layout and planning, so, to reach a neat and natural look, you'll need to place lots by address. It may be not really important for some lots (mostly residential), but for community lots, it is vital.

How long will the project last?
I don't really know. Elmdale has many lots, and it may take quite a long time to build them all.

Why not upload the town already with lots?
I won't do it because I use a lot of CC in my lots. I made Elmdale for myself as main world, and gave myself total freedom for CC use, and if the world came with built lots, the downloaders would have to have all my CC collection in their game, except for CAS items.  Even players who are okay with CC, and have a lot of it in their own game,would definitely not like the idea.Uploading lots separately gives more choice and flexibility: you can download all my lots for Elmdale, some of them, or none of them.

Elmdale, New Sims 3 World: Download

Hello again,
Elmdale is finally ready for download!
It is the first world I've finished, and my main gaming world. I've been looking for a medium non-island, non-tropical world that has all types of areas and doesn't require all EPs for a very long time, but didn't manage to find one (well, all but the base game only worlds require at least WA), so, I decided to make one myself. Elmdale is created on a medium-sized map, with distant terrain from Twinbrook, or, to be exact, 3 of them rotated and placed in different positions to surround the town from all sides.
It is a sims 3 world located in a valley of a small river flowing into the sea. The river divides the town into two parts: urban and rural. The urban part includes old town, industrial area, modern district, modern suburb and old suburb. The more rural part across the river has many fields, places for small farms and traditional houses. The town also has a beach area and a pier for houseboats. Many lots on the coast are placed partially in the water, and there are several lots that can function as ports.
The town has a railway that looks like functional (though it is just a deco, of course), many parking places and billboards to make it look more real and alive. The two tiny lots without addresses near the bus stops were made to place busses on them.
I used ini. files from China (WA) to make custom weather for the world, but you don’t need WA for the world to function.
Elmdale is set in temperate climate and is suitable for every season.