Sunday, November 17, 2013

Elmdale Project

What is Elmdale Project?
Elmdale Project includes the world of Elmdale itself (check the post below to view and download), and lots for it, sometimes mixed up with sims made specially for this town.
Elmdale has lots of quite odd sizes, as well as specific layout and planning, so, to reach a neat and natural look, you'll need to place lots by address. It may be not really important for some lots (mostly residential), but for community lots, it is vital.

How long will the project last?
I don't really know. Elmdale has many lots, and it may take quite a long time to build them all.

Why not upload the town already with lots?
I won't do it because I use a lot of CC in my lots. I made Elmdale for myself as main world, and gave myself total freedom for CC use, and if the world came with built lots, the downloaders would have to have all my CC collection in their game, except for CAS items.  Even players who are okay with CC, and have a lot of it in their own game,would definitely not like the idea.Uploading lots separately gives more choice and flexibility: you can download all my lots for Elmdale, some of them, or none of them.

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