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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Elmdale, New Sims 3 World: Download

Hello again,
Elmdale is finally ready for download!
It is the first world I've finished, and my main gaming world. I've been looking for a medium non-island, non-tropical world that has all types of areas and doesn't require all EPs for a very long time, but didn't manage to find one (well, all but the base game only worlds require at least WA), so, I decided to make one myself. Elmdale is created on a medium-sized map, with distant terrain from Twinbrook, or, to be exact, 3 of them rotated and placed in different positions to surround the town from all sides.
It is a sims 3 world located in a valley of a small river flowing into the sea. The river divides the town into two parts: urban and rural. The urban part includes old town, industrial area, modern district, modern suburb and old suburb. The more rural part across the river has many fields, places for small farms and traditional houses. The town also has a beach area and a pier for houseboats. Many lots on the coast are placed partially in the water, and there are several lots that can function as ports.
The town has a railway that looks like functional (though it is just a deco, of course), many parking places and billboards to make it look more real and alive. The two tiny lots without addresses near the bus stops were made to place busses on them.
I used ini. files from China (WA) to make custom weather for the world, but you don’t need WA for the world to function.
Elmdale is set in temperate climate and is suitable for every season.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Elmdale: Autumn Views

Elmdale is being tested, and will soon be available for download. I was very curious about its autumn look, because I found out that many sims 3 worlds don’t look very natural in autumn, probably because of the textures, and very saturated, tropical colors, so, I tried to pick the textures that would fit any season, and ended up with warm, calm palette. It was also important to choose the trees typical of temperate climate, and fitting the world’s color palette both in summer and autumn.

Here are some pictures of autumn Elmdale:

Friday, November 15, 2013

Elmdale: New Sims 3 World Coming Soon

Hello everybody!

My first world, Elmdale, will soon be available for download. It is an empty world on the medium map, with about 140 lots (quite big, but not as huge as it could’ve been if I made it on the largest map). The world is almost ready; it needs just a few tweaks and a bit of testing.