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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Shabby but Charming Home: Download

Residential lot for the town of Elmdale
(Address in Elmdale: Waterfall Lane 1)

This single-story bungalow with a large deck is located in a picturesque place on the river bank near the waterfall, and is suitable for either a single person or a childless couple. The house is quite small, but it has everything needed for living: a hall; a quite spacious eat-in kitchen with a table for eight persons; a living room with a fireplace, an old TV, a stereo, and a lot of greenery; a small, but cozy bedroom which also functions as a study because it has a computer table; a little bathroom equipped with all the necessities, and a large deck perfect for fun and recreation. There is also a dog house hidden behind the bushes at the side of the house, and an open parking spot in the front yard. The house does not have any guest bedrooms, but there is a folding bed right in the hall, where either the owner(s) or the quests who stay for the night can sleep, if necessary. The rooms are decorated in  darkish, tranquil earthy tones. 
The interior is a bit shabby and old: it has definitely seen better days. The TV is very old-fashioned, the woods and fabrics have darkened and faded, but everything is neat, clean, and fully functioning.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Other Creators Building for Elmdale

It has been several months since I've uploaded Elmdale, my empty world I'm still building lots for. It looks like many people have created much more lots for this world, in different styles. Here are some I found by digging into my referring url:s:

Collection of houses here
More houses here
Quite a large collection of various builds in this blog
Another collection of houses found here
Not for downloading, but this looks beautiful
As well as this

It was quite interesting to see what people do with Elmdale:)

Friday, May 02, 2014

Flowery Cottage: Download

Residential lot for the town of Elmdale
(Address in Elmdale: Trade Square 8)

It is a two-storey cottage built and furnished in quite a traditional style with some modern elements mixed in. It can accommodate up to 3 dwellers. Although created specifically for Elmdale, it will fit in most suburban areas. As the cottage is meant for a temperate climate, it features two fireplaces to keep it warm during cold season. It's vibrant red color makes the house stand out against both lush summer greenery and white, snowy winter landscape. The house features a detached garage suitable for two cars, a small, open, modestly decorated front yard, an uncovered front porch and a covered back porch, and quite a large fenced backyard with a hot tub, some lounge chairs, a stereo, a bench, and an outdoor dining area with table for 8 persons, grill and bar, which makes this backyard perfect for both family gatherings and parties with friends.
The entry hall is very small, as well as the half-bath and laundry combo, but the rest of the first floor is occupied by a spacious, open-plan room ideal for socialization. The room is divided into several zones: a small study with a computer and a chess table, a cozy living room with a fireplace and a large plazma TV, and a formal dining room for up to 6 persons. There is also a small breakfast nook for three. The kitchen is separated by two arches, and has enough space for cooking meals and storage.
The second floor has a small hall that functions as a library and recreation room, and is also heated by a fireplace. There are two bedrooms upstairs: one features a double bed and a separate bathroom accessible directly from the bedroom, and another one is equipped with a single bed and is suitable for a child or teen, or maybe even a single adult. There is also another small bathroom on the second floor, accessible from the hall.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Elmdale Project

What is Elmdale Project?
Elmdale Project includes the world of Elmdale itself (check the post below to view and download), and lots for it, sometimes mixed up with sims made specially for this town.
Elmdale has lots of quite odd sizes, as well as specific layout and planning, so, to reach a neat and natural look, you'll need to place lots by address. It may be not really important for some lots (mostly residential), but for community lots, it is vital.

How long will the project last?
I don't really know. Elmdale has many lots, and it may take quite a long time to build them all.

Why not upload the town already with lots?
I won't do it because I use a lot of CC in my lots. I made Elmdale for myself as main world, and gave myself total freedom for CC use, and if the world came with built lots, the downloaders would have to have all my CC collection in their game, except for CAS items.  Even players who are okay with CC, and have a lot of it in their own game,would definitely not like the idea.Uploading lots separately gives more choice and flexibility: you can download all my lots for Elmdale, some of them, or none of them.

Elmdale, New Sims 3 World: Download

Hello again,
Elmdale is finally ready for download!
It is the first world I've finished, and my main gaming world. I've been looking for a medium non-island, non-tropical world that has all types of areas and doesn't require all EPs for a very long time, but didn't manage to find one (well, all but the base game only worlds require at least WA), so, I decided to make one myself. Elmdale is created on a medium-sized map, with distant terrain from Twinbrook, or, to be exact, 3 of them rotated and placed in different positions to surround the town from all sides.
It is a sims 3 world located in a valley of a small river flowing into the sea. The river divides the town into two parts: urban and rural. The urban part includes old town, industrial area, modern district, modern suburb and old suburb. The more rural part across the river has many fields, places for small farms and traditional houses. The town also has a beach area and a pier for houseboats. Many lots on the coast are placed partially in the water, and there are several lots that can function as ports.
The town has a railway that looks like functional (though it is just a deco, of course), many parking places and billboards to make it look more real and alive. The two tiny lots without addresses near the bus stops were made to place busses on them.
I used ini. files from China (WA) to make custom weather for the world, but you don’t need WA for the world to function.
Elmdale is set in temperate climate and is suitable for every season.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Elmdale: Autumn Views

Elmdale is being tested, and will soon be available for download. I was very curious about its autumn look, because I found out that many sims 3 worlds don’t look very natural in autumn, probably because of the textures, and very saturated, tropical colors, so, I tried to pick the textures that would fit any season, and ended up with warm, calm palette. It was also important to choose the trees typical of temperate climate, and fitting the world’s color palette both in summer and autumn.

Here are some pictures of autumn Elmdale:

Friday, November 15, 2013

Elmdale: New Sims 3 World Coming Soon

Hello everybody!

My first world, Elmdale, will soon be available for download. It is an empty world on the medium map, with about 140 lots (quite big, but not as huge as it could’ve been if I made it on the largest map). The world is almost ready; it needs just a few tweaks and a bit of testing.