Game Requirements, CC List, and Creator Policy

Current Game Version: 1.63

Installed EPs:

- all existing EPs

Installed SPs:

- High-End Loft Stuff
- Outdoor Living Stuff
- Fast Lane Stuff
- Town Life Stuff
- Master Suite Stuff

Store Content:

- Riverview
- Lucky Palms
- Sunlit tides
- Monte Vista
- Aurora Skies
- Midnight Hollow
- Roaring Heights

- Regal Living
- Modern Minimalist
- Ultra Lounge
- Bayside View (kitchen and dining)
- Vanderburger Club
- Provence
- Fabulous Fiesta
- Hewnsman
- Farm Fresh Folk
- Country Livin'
- New Year 2011 Gifts
- May 2011 Compilation
- Simlish Set
- Gotique (living room + bedroom)
- Mid-Century Living Room

- Now and Then Century Manor
- Le Cinema Plumbbob
- Deliciously indulgent Bakery
- Business as Usual Bistro
- Prism Art Studio
- The Broadwalk
- Al Fresco Street Market
- Tiny Prodidgies Early Learning Center
- Golden Ticket Toy Shop
- Serenity Retreat
- The Lucky Simoleon Casino

User-Made CC:

Sims3Pack Format
- Clay Tile Roofs, Scalloped Roofs, TS2 Roofs with White Trim by Hatshepsut (TSR)
- Pets Drape Add-Ons, Dormer Windows, Plant Add-Ons Part II by Mutske (TSR)
- Train Red by TJ Streak (Not So Naughty Sims)
- Urban Items (bus stop, bench) by Sandy (ATS3)
-  PP Curtains 2x, PP Curtains 3x & Accord Blinds 1x by DOT (TSR)
- Bus Station Deco by Ilana (Sims3Modeli)

Package Format
- Ferris Wheels by Luna (Luna Sims)
- Cornices by Sixty-Ten (Awesims)
- Siding Patterns by Plasticbox (MTS)
- Weatherboard Siding Walls by Peacemaker ic (Simsational Designs)
- Neutral Slate Roofs by Qbuilderz (MTS)

Creator Policy:

- All my downloads are available for free, and any CC other than Store content used for my creations is also free.
- You can download my creations for personal use only. Do not upload them as your own works.
- You can share links to my blog on any sims3-related sites.
- You can use my creations for your own sims 3 pictures, stories and movies. Giving credits is desirable in this case.
- Never hotlink to any of my works - provide links to the blog posts instead.
- You can upload your savegames to my worlds, but please give credits to me as a world creator.

Happy simming!

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