Friday, May 02, 2014

Elmdale Project: New Phase

Hello there!
Sorry for the lack of updates.
I'm back and continuing with my Elmdale Project, but there are some changes to it. First of all, I've installed some new EPs and SPs, as well as new Store content, so, you'll need them for my upcoming lots. Also, now I use a very limited collection of CC, which is probably good news for many downloaders. See the list below to check the new requirements for Elmdale lots.

Game Version: 1.63

- all existing EPs

- High-End Loft Stuff
- Outdoor Living Stuff
- Fast Lane Stuff
- Town Life Stuff
- Master Suite Stuff

Store Content:
- Riverview
- Lucky Palms
- Sunlit tides
- Monte Vista
- Aurora Skies
- Midnight Hollow
- Roaring Heights
- Regal Living
- Modern Minimalist
- Ultra Lounge
- Bayside View (kitchen and dining)
- Vanderburger Club
- Provence
- Fabulous Fiesta
- Hewnsman
- Farm Fresh Folk
- Country Livin'
- New Year 2011 Gifts
- May 2011 Compilation
- Simlish Set
- Gotique (living room + bedroom)
- Mid-Century Livingroom
- Now and Then Century Manor
- Le Cinema Plumbbob
- Deliciously indulgent Bakery
- Business as Usual Bistro
- Prism Art Studio
- The Broadwalk
- Al Fresco Street Market
- Tiny Prodidgies Early Learning Center
- Golden Ticket Toy Shop
- Serenity Retreat
- The Lucky Simoleon Casino

User-Made CC:
Sims3Pack Format
- Clay Tile Roofs, Scalloped Roofs, TS2 Roofs with White Trim by Hatshepsut (TSR)
- Pets Drape Add-Ons, Dormer Windows, Plant Add-Ons Part II by Mutske (TSR)
- Train Red by TJ Streak (Not So Naughty Sims)
- Urban Items (bus stop, bench) by Sandy (ATS3)
-  PP Curtains 2x, PP Curtains 3x & Accord Blinds 1x by DOT (TSR)
- Bus Station Deco by Ilana (Sims3Modeli) Download from MediaFire*
Package Format
- Ferris Wheels by Luna (Luna Sims)
- Cornices by Sixty-Ten (Awesims)
- Siding Patterns by Plasticbox (MTS)
- Weatherboard Siding Walls by Peacemaker ic (Simsational Designs)
- Neutral Slate Roofs by Qbuilderz (MTS)

I'll mention the CC items I use for each lot, and link to this list for you to download those items.

*NOTE: Because Ilana's bus deco set is not available for some reason, I uploaded those files to MediaFire. I'll remove this link as soon as I find out that the set is available in the author's blog.


  1. The Bus Station Deco by Ilana (Sims3Modeli) is no longer available via her download as of May 09, 2014.

    1. I added the link to MediaFire, now this set is downloadable.

    2. Thank you very much!