Wednesday, December 18, 2013

12-Minute Cottage

So, I was wondering whether I could build a house very quickly, because usually this process is quite slow and time-consuming. I gave myself 10 minutes to build a small house for a single sim, probably a starter, but could be also a more expensive place to live. I actually exceeded my limit and built this little box on a 15x20 lot within 12 minutes, and it turned out to be not that cheap, but the result is not  bad design-wise... well, at least for a house built in such a short period of time. I plan to use this house somewhere where it will match the surrounding builds. Now it rests in my bin, and is up for download.



Bedroom+ Study

Lot size: 15x20
Lot type: residential
Price: $ 48 200
Store content: present (Roaring Heights)
User-made CC: no
EPs and SPs required: all EPs
File size: 3 Мб

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  1. Wow.. amazing, thank you so much :))