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Elmdale Project:
Elmdale (sims 3 world)
- Community Lots:
1) Bloodred Ruby Vampire Lounge
2) Hospital & Medical Labs
3) School & Childcare Centre
4) Railway Station
5) Golden Crown Theatre
- Residential Lots:
1) Corner Cottage

Elmdale Project: New Phase
(see this post for details)

- Community Lots:
1) Live&Learn bookstore

- Residential Lots:
1) Flowery Cottage
2) Shabby but Charming Home


  1. Hi, really great job : ) I was wondering why the beautiful Maggie pub is not on your blog along with the starter houses, I tried to sign up on the Russian site, but it was to difficult, I am from England and I could not get the sign in information correct, so I am watching your blog daily for new stuff, thanks for sharing your wonderful work

  2. Thank you for such kind words, I am glad that you like my creations. I have uploaded the pub BTW, after reading your comment :)